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Guest Post – Keep a Journal, Develop Business Ideas by Chris Sorbe

I’d like to review the previous year before charging headlong into 2009. While many entrepreneurs got a crash course in finance (courtesy of the University of Hard Knocks) I learned an important lesson that had nothing to do with dollars and cents.

Entrepreneur’s Journal

At the suggestion of a friend, I started an “entrepreneur’s journal” this year in which I record business ideas. These may be some of my own original ideas or improvements that I would make to other businesses. There are notes, sketches, flow charts, and even a few rough calculations.

In my journal there are ideas on everything from lemonade stands (seriously) to large-scale power production projects and everything in between. While most of these ideas will be nothing more than sketches on paper, my journal gives me a place to store and record my thoughts on potential business ideas and innovations.

I really learned the value of this practice a few days ago. I was standing at the sink, washing dishes and mulling over a few ideas that I have in my journal when the proverbial lightning struck me hard. It came to me that I could take several ideas (from my journal) and roll them into one business. But when that ah-ha moment hit, the ideas flowed and a complete picture came to my mind of how to bring these separate ideas together.

There are no follow up stories of how I sold that company or idea for millions of dollars.  Lightening struck only a mere five days ago. But it wouldn’t have coalesced had I not taken the time to record my ideas over the past year.

Write it Down!

So if you’re looking for an entrepreneurial resolution, try keeping a journal of your business ideas and endeavors. Pick up a sketch book and take a little time each week, or even when inspiration strikes, to record your ideas. Because if you’re an entrepreneur then you’re ideas are probably world changing and definitely worth writing down.


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