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Internet is Opportunity (Not Competition) for Sony Blu-ray

Sony’s Blu-ray could be in trouble. I just read an article in the New York Times about how Sony’s Blu-ray technology “faces uncertain prospects” with increasing competition from the internet. It explains that “the Blu-ray format is in jeopardy…because the advent of downloadable HD movies is so close.” So, what implications does this have for the viability of Sony’s Blu-ray?

Last month I wrote a blog about Marketing Myopia. Theodore Levit taught how we should never forget what business we are in and that external threats may be opportunities in disguise. Railroad companies were not really in the train business; they were in the transportation business. Likewise, Sony isn’t in the HD video player business; they are in the technology entertainment business.

Sony’s relatively new product may already be in jeopardy but this is the time for them to consider marketable opportunities presented by the internet, rather than look upon it as a competitor. Viewing this “competition” with disdain and contempt is the worst move they could make. Now is the time to innovate and re-evaluate! After all, Sony’s technology is used for entertainment. And if the internet facilitates such a benefit then Sony must figure out a way to capitalize on that, too.


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