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Buzzwords for 2009

I just read the Top 10 Buzzwords on CNET. Frankly, I think it’s missing a few. But it got me thinking . . .

Once in a while we learn a new word that seems to have universal application. It’s like we’re so excited by our discovery that we use the word to describe just about everything. The words “positioning” and “strategic alliance”, for example, were my own personal buzzwords in 2007. I must have milked them for all they’re worth. Last year, I discovered, “execution”. In fact, I’ve been formulating another blog entry based on what I learned about the principles of execution last year (ETA TBD).

Unfortunately, buzzwords can lose their meaning over time, especially when they are used incorrectly. Does anyone remember “synergy”? I sure do. I was synergizing all over the place until I took the time to really understand the principle behind it. How about “collaboration”? Thanks to Wikinomics, people have been collaborating all over themselves for a couple years now. The point is that buzzwords can give us power to communicate a very strong and profound message using just one or two words. But when used incorrectly, we risk our ability to influence our associates.

So what buzzword can we expect for 2009? I’m thinking . . . “survival”.


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