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Steve Jobs, The Prophet?

As you can see from the MacHEADS trailer posted in the Video column (to the left), there is a cultural phenomenon based on Apple’s products that is emerging all around us. Part of this culture is driven by Apple’s ability to deliver relevant products to the market. So what is their secret? Not sure exactly. But I do know the iPod was not the first MP3 player to hit the shelves. And Apple computers represent only a minority share of the market when compared to that of PCs. So what makes the difference for Apple? The answer is…[insert drum roll here]…marketing!

You may recall the burly-looking man in the trailer who attempted to answer this question. He said, “only [Steve] knows what people really need before they know they need it.” Our burly friend’s comment is eerily similar to what Henry Ford is attributed with saying: “If I had asked the people what they wanted, they would have told me faster horses.” In other words, consumers don’t always know what they need and, in the case of Apple consumers, Steve Jobs has officially enlightened the market.

Although I doubt Jobs’ business card reads, Steve Jobs, Corporate Prophet, there is no question he has been successful at predicting market tastes. And Apple’s value proposition has been communicated so well that consumers–at least a very loyal and growing niche of consumers–are inhaling iPods over Microsoft’s Zune and all other portable MP3 players.

That’s the power of marketing.


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