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How Butch Stewart Founded Sandals Resort

This is a video about Butch Stewart, the entrepreneur who founded Sandals Resort. I thought it was an inspiring story. He had an entrepreneurial drive from a very early age. Butch timed the market just right, invested in a beat up hotel when real estate was a good market and then developed a strong value proposition for his product based on legendary customer service. One of the most important takeaways from this story is that Sandals Resort was not created overnight. Butch spent years proving himself before he finally became successful. Such is the story of the determined Everyday Entrepreneur. He works and sweats and fights and pushes until he finally succeeds.

See: How I Did It


2 Responses

  1. Do you happen to have an e-mail or address for Butch. I have returned to Sandals the last 4 years and have already booked for next year. I wanted to write or e-mail a note. I am not sure if it is public information. If not, I completely understand.

    I don’t have time to view the video at the moment but will. Wanted to share a story I was told by a Sandals guest in January. They stayed at his first resort when it was new and apparantely constructon was not completed. Butch said he wanted to have a meeting with all the guests poolside. He told them their stay is free all charges will be refunded. They said when they got home a check had alreday arrived.

  2. Sorry, Kimberly. I’ve never met Butch. Just happened to use him and Sandals Resort as subject for a blog about entrepreneurship. That’s a great story about customer service, though. Thanks for stopping by!

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