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Don’t Operate on Fear

Spizrinktum and Leadership

Spizrinktum is the art of getting things done. It’s a principle of leadership. Leaders with spizrinktum have intestinal fortitude. Like John Wayne, they have true grit. They have the will to succeed. They’re able to execute because they don’t operate on fear.

Too often we find ourselves unable to make a decision. And it is impossible to execute until we make a decision. Otherwise, what exactly would we execute? Nothing. We need to make the call and go for it.

Analysis Paralysis

The inability to decide is a self-imposed disease. We choose to not decide out of fear. We’re afraid that our decision might be wrong or have damaging effects on our company or personal lives. This is analysis paralysis at the core. But the fact is that waiting too long or not making a decision at all can be just as damaging, if not more so.

Analysis paralysis can be fostered by certain personalities. Those that are cautious and analytical tend to suffer from it more than those who are drivers or activators. Drivers would say, “You’re going to make mistakes anyway because no one is perfect or immune to flaws. So you might as well make your mistakes quickly and learn from them. Then move on.” In fact, Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, explained how important it is to make as many mistakes as you can at an early age before you can no longer afford to do so.

However, someone with an analytical personality would say, “Oh contraire, mon frere! It’s important to get all the facts straight before making a decision. Otherwise, you’re just impulsively reacting to the situation and bound to fail.” I think there’s truth to both sides of the story and there’s nothing wrong with being a driver or an analytical. That’s just the way people are. But when the motivating factor behind waiting to execute until “all the facts are straight” is based on fear then you’re in trouble, especially when the choice to wait is driven by the desire to cover your own butt. Besides, is it really possible to get all the facts straight?

What Kills Spizrinktum?

Operating on fear is the kryptonite of spizrinktum. Leaders with spiz are of the opinion that you can check the proverbial swimming pool’s thermometer as much as you want but you’ll never really know how warm it is until you jump in. And if it’s too cold, don’t sit around waiting for it to heat up. Get out! Get out immediately and either find a way to fix the problem or go find another pool (market) to swim in! Leaders understand they are in control of their environment and cannot expect their environment to adapt around them.

This example also has implications of flexibility. In other words, leaders with spiz have to be flexible and adaptable to survive. They can’t be the kind of executors that say, “I have made my decision and I am going to stick with it no matter what!” That’s dangerous. That’s myopia. That’s pride.

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