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Post-Idea, Pre-Launch Entrepreneurship for Entrepreneurs

The process of taking a business concept to reality is all too familiar to serial entrepreneurs. They have an idea or hear of a great source of innovation and they launch or source the capital needed to launch. Inherent in this process is a gap that represents a great need. The ambiguous period of time between the enigmatic birth of a good idea–that point in time when a business concept is conceived–and the submission of those ideas to a prospective investor is assisted by few comprehensive resources that ensure the success of a business post-launch. Innovators need an all-encompassing solution for vetting and qualifying their ideas. It must allow them to develop their concepts and, at the same time, connect with needed talent and resources. Incidentally, Peter Drucker would call this source of innovation a “process need”. All of this activity, of course, occurs pre-launch. It even happens before capital is committed to the project. This process need is real and represents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. Call it entrepreneurship for entrepreneurs.

Yes, entrepreneurs have fragmented solutions that have satisfied this need, but never one single solution. They know where to go to for market research. They know where to go to develop an effective business plan. And they know where to go to connect with talent. But all of these solutions are not located in a single location. If I’m wrong (and I have been wrong before) then I’d love to know about it.


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