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Not All Social Sites Are Created Equal

Not all social networking sites are created equal. I just read a post on Seth Godin’s blog about the pillars of social media sites. He makes a good point about why people visit online social sites. But it got me thinking about how one would categorize sites like Facebook, Myspace, Etc. Simply put, these are status updating sites. Members update their status (because they’re “bored” or want to “become more popular”) and they check on the status of other members (“What’s new?”). In this, we find inherent characteristics that distinguish sites like Facebook from sites like LinkedIn, which fails to foster the social activity of other online communities.

I’m always interested to read about how firms use social networking sites to generate business. Since not all social sites are created equal, it is important that entrepreneurs identify the differences and develop their marketing strategies accordingly.


One Response

  1. Good call. I was curious to hear the head of HR at a major corporation in DC state that they vet all their candidates through LinkedIn. It suggested to me that some sites are more “social” in nature whereas others can/should be used more professionally.

    As a recruiting agent at my previous firm we would screen talent on sites like Facebook and MySpace as well (which is common practice now) to see if there were any red flags that didn’t come out in the interview process when candidates are trying to put their best face forward. Sadly, other faces are sometimes found on sites like Facebook.

    What’s difficult is the amount of sites to keep track of: MySpace, Facebook, Doostang, LinkedIn…and now Twitter? Por favor!

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