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Blow: The New York Blow Dry Bar

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Columbia University recently published a spotlight about Blow, a New York-based beauty shop. Ignore the lifestyle shots and R&B music in the intro (I cracked up when I saw the blond woman gently tossing her hair). And frankly, all that talk about getting a “blow out” was a little disturbing; I always thought a blow out is what happens an hour after a toddler consumes his first quart of cherries for the season!

Despite that, Julie Flakstad has proven that the economic climate is not too prohibitive for entrepreneurs. As she explains, “The market is always right for a new idea.” This quote could easily be the title of this post! Julie’s business model is based on continuous innovation, yes, but her success has more to do with her aggressiveness, will and understanding of fundamental principles of entrepreneurship:

1. Identify your niche market and focus all of your energy on that point of attack.

2. Secure (strategic) advisors and accept that you will have to rely on external council.


2 Responses

  1. You aren’t kidding: “First quart of cherries for the season” Now, that’s a serious blow out! I’m still laughing abou that.

    Thanks for finding such “interesting” stuff out there and approaching it with an entrepreneur’s eye.

  2. You bet. It was going to be either cherries or dried mangos. They both do the trick. Thanks for the comment.

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