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Americans Say the Government Frustrates Entrepreneurship

Americans think the government does little to encourage entrepreneurship. The Kauffman Foundation recently published the results of its study: Entrepreneurship and Economic Recovery, which evaluated “America’s views on the best ways to stimulate growth”. Here are the key findings–very interesting.

  • By a margin of three to one (63% to 22%) Americans favor business creation policies as opposed to government creating new public and private sector jobs.
  • While Americans narrowly support the stimulus package, 51% to 44%, only 33% of entrepreneurs support it.
  • Only 21% of all survey respondents say that the stimulus package supports entrepreneurial activity and 33% believe it will retard entrepreneurship.
  • 53% of Americans say that a better stimulus package that creates more jobs could be crafted, while 25% say the current stimulus will create sustainable jobs.
  • While 78% of survey respondents say innovation is important to the health of our economy, only 3% say they believe the stimulus package will encourage innovation.
  • Americans think the government does little to encourage entrepreneurship, despite its importance; 72% of respondents say the government should do more to encourage individuals to start businesses. Almost half of
    respondents think the laws in America make it more difficult to start a business.
  • When asked what would jump-start the recovery and end the recession, 37% of respondents say cutting payroll taxes, 19% say to first pass the stimulus package, and 16% want to rescue the financial system through bank bailouts.
  • Two thirds of survey respondents favor less-costly alternatives to the stimulus package, such as reducing legal barriers and red tape for new business development.
  • Despite the collapse of Wall Street, 89% of Americans say that capitalism is still the best economic system for our country.

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