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How To Nail An Interview

Oh my goodness! I can’t stop laughing at this guy. It’s a great example of what NOT to look for in your applicants.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

How To Nail An Interview lists some good pointers and hilarious clips. But I’m more interested in the response from the other side of the table. What kinds of questions should managers be asking during the interview? What shouldn’t be asked?

My experience has been that–for whatever reason–interviewers can be just as nervous as their interviewees. It may be that they feel intimidated by the situation. Or they might feel inadequate in their ability to asses the candidate’s quality. Whatever the reason, it usually manifests itself in their questions. Personally, when an interviewer asks, “What kind of animal describes you best?” you know they are either inexperienced or scraping the bottom of the barrel for something to help them drag out the time. Don’t ask this question. It’s meaningless. It tells you nothing about your applicant. I mean, who cares if your talking to a buffalo or door mouse? There are much more effective questions you can ask, such as situation-based or behavioral questions. These come in the form of, “How would you respond to [given situation]?” These questions do a better job of extracting job-related behavior that can be verified against your own due diligence when calling references.


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