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“How to Raise Venture Capital” Links

Need growth money for your startup? Here’s a list of links (and their post dates) on how to raise venture capital. I’ve done my best to distill the information into a comprehensive list that will help any entrepreneur prepare for the VC plunge.

Venture Blog

Wired Teaches Us How to Get Funded by a VC

Raising Venture Capital: How Much Money Matters (Aug 2008)

Pitching a VC: The Basics Revisited (Jan 2008)

August Capital V: We Are Long on Human Innovation (Mar 2009)

Will VCs Continue to Suspend Disbelief? (Jan 2009)

The Deal Category (All Posts)

How to Change the World

The Art of Raising Capital (Sept 2008)

All Venture Capital Tags (All Posts)

Note: a three-part video interview with Kawasaki is available in my videos section.

Quick Sprout

How to Raise Venture Capital (Jan 2009)

The Sideboard

Understanding Your VC

Attract Venture Capital by Avoiding Angel Investor Round Conflict

What Venture Capitalists Really Want

Inc. Magazine

How to Raise Venture Capital

The Reality of Raising Venture Capital

Seth Godin

The Realistic Entrepreneur’s Guide to Venture Capital (Mar 2007)

More Business

Raising Venture Capital (Aug 1998)

Venture Capital Funding to Expand Your Business (May 2007)

Business Week

Do You Really Want to Raise Venture Capital? (Dec 2008)

Advice for Startups Seeking Venture Capital (Dec 2008)

Venture Capital Loves Virtual (July 2008)

Venture Capital Still Loves the Net (April 2008)

Attracting Venture Capital in 2008 (Dec 2007)

The Truth About Venture Capital (Feb 2008)


Finding a Venture Capital Firm; How to Raise Venture Capital

How to Write a Business Plan for Raising Venture Capital

Raising Angel Capital the Wrong Way


3 Responses

  1. Entrepreneurs and angel investors need to know that retirement funds can be used to invest in businesses. Self-Directed IRAs (including 401(k)s etc.) are key. Venture capital funds are drying up and this opens a new avenue.

  2. Good call. Thanks for the comment.

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