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Twitterers Are Getting Bored With Twitter

twitter-iconTo tweet or not to tweet? Amazingly, this has become a pressing question of late given the astronomical hype generated around the microblogging site by news correspondents (Larry King) and American icons (Oprah) alike. And it’s apparently become a big deal when someone like Ashton Kutcher breaches the 1,000,000 followers mark. But will the popularity last? Can Twitter sustain its growth of new users or will its appeal fall by the wayside like that one website…uh, what was it called? Oh yeah, Second Life.

Twitter is in trouble. Nielson Wire has reported that “more than 60 percent of Twitter users fail to return the following month, or in other words, Twitter’s audience retention rate, or the percentage of a given month’s users who come back the following month, is currently about 40 percent. For most of the past 12 months, pre-Oprah, Twitter has languished below 30 percent retention.” [Since this article was originally written, Nielson Wire posted an update that verified its findings.]

So what implications does this have for the droves of people still signing up to stake their virtual claim in Twitter’s popular world of status updating? Time will tell. Personally speaking, I initially climbed on the bandwagon to see what all the hype was about. That was only a few days ago and now I’m certifiably addicted. That’s right, I’m a tweeting Twitterer. I primarily use it to 1) advance a dialogue centered around entrepreneurship, 2) connect with other users interested in entrepreneurship and 3) promote my blog. But if Nielson Wire is right then this addiction won’t last and I’ll either get bored and move onto the next big thing within a month or Twitter will see the writting on the wall and develop a sustainable retention strategy.


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